Xavier facon

Xavier Facon leads product development and directs the technical strategy of Crisp. He is a mobile software veteran and ad tech disruptor who has continually improved technology and standards to make it easier to deliver mobile media. In the early days of Crisp, Xavier developed platforms for deploying some of the first mobile applications and mobile sites for major U.S. media brands such as CNN, AT&T, ESPN, NBC, Time, AP, and hundreds more. Based on his experience in mobile content delivery, Xavier began in 2008 to build an HTML5-based, advertising technology platform called Crisp Engage, which is now used all over the world to develop world class advertising creative on iOS and Android devices.
Xavier’s interest in moving the mobile industry forward has influenced a wide network of software developers. He co-founded the Micro Java Network in 2000, a global R&D community for mobile app development, and ORMMA (Open Rich Media for Mobile Advertising) in 2010. ORMMA is an open-source community, which evolved the premise of ad standards from display size to ad functionality. This laid the groundwork for the IAB MRAID standard API for delivering HTML5 ads into native applications. Xavier writes regularly on the state of mobile advertising and best practices, and holds degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from his country of origin, Belgium.