Mobile Delivering Highest Incremental Sales Lift

A new marketing report from Nielsen Catalina Solutions was released last week that highlighted the effectiveness of mobile advertising making a greater impact than ever before. According to the report, mobile has the lowest frequency across all media, allowing marketers the option to buy more mobile and still expect strong returns. The report looked at return on ad spend for digital video, TV, cross screen media, and mobile for 450 CPG brands in the US concluded that, “Mobile drives the highest incremental sales per thousand impressions, at $26.52.” It also found, that cross-media advertising, once largely considered the most effective, does not drive a significant lift in return because only about 1-2% of audiences are exposed to synergistic cross-media campaign ads. The most crucial aspect to understanding this trend is in relation to all media types, mobile has the lowest effective frequency, meaning people have to be exposed the fewest amount of times before activation. The report verifies major findings for Crisp, The Mobile Shopper Activation Company, exclusively mobile focused reinforcing the ideas we have already pioneered.

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