Activate Shoppers

Crisp gives Retail and CPG brands the unrivaled ability to target, message, and activate mobile shoppers to meet your specific objectives and KPI’s – with measureable results.

CPG Solutions

  • Launch New Products
  • Distribute Coupons & Offers
  • Increase Sell-Through at Specific Retailers
  • Support Event-Based Promotions
  • Drive Impulse Purchases
  • Reach New Consumers
  • Deliver the Right Content for Each Shopper
  • Increase Product Awareness

Retail Solutions

  • Drive Foot Traffic
  • Increase In-Store Sales
  • Increase M-Commerce Sales
  • Distribute M-Circulars
  • Promote Store Openings & Events
  • Run Seasonal Promotions
  • Reach New Shoppers
  • Support Loyalty Card Programs

Know-How to Activate


Interact with the right customers in that special micro-moment – based on who they are, how they behave, and where they go.


Capture real-world shoppers near store locations to drive impulse purchases.

Product Sales

Geo-locate customers near stores where items are in-stock, or outperforming expectations.


Target shoppers based on the routes they take and the places they frequent.


Target the most promising customers based on demographics, past purchases and behaviors.


Use real-world data—from weather feeds to flu pattern indices—for a whole new level of targeting and engagement.


Retarget customers who have already engaged with your campaigns.


Activate shoppers with rich, engaging ad units uniquely designed for CPG brands


Incorporate real-time offers and content including e-circulars/FSI’s, coupons, in-stock SKU availability, and social feeds.


Customize messages to the environment based on weather, flu indices, store proximity and more.


Display nearby locations, store proximity, and interactive maps.


Utilize mobile device capabilities—with functionality like “save to calendar” for sales events, or “save to mobile wallet” for offers and recipes.


Quantify mobile impact against KPI’s that matter

Ad Engagement

Crisp builds and serves its own messaging units, providing a direct view into how shoppers respond to and engage with your ads.

Visits & Sales

Mobile performance is tied to the KPI’s that matter most to CPG’s and retailers: store visitation, product sales, and ROI.


Optimize targeting, media placement, creative and messaging—to continually improve against your shopper-specific KPIs.