Crisp partners with Taste of Home

The partnership was formed to leverage Taste of Home’s premium native recipe content on Crisp’s leading edge mobile platform, connecting brands to millions of consumers on-the-go when they are ready to buy. Together we will deliver native advertising within exclusive recipe content and utilize geo-targeting to drive consumers to nearby supermarkets for purchase.

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Reader’s Digest has partnered with mobile ad technology platform Crisp Media to activate the Taste of Home audience at retail.

“Recipes continue to be one of the top drivers of impulse purchases,” says Reader’s Digest CRO Rich Sutton. “You take this content and combine it with technology that puts that content in the shopper’s pocket. It takes advantage of everything mobile has to offer. It eliminates the debate about whether mobile is a branding medium. In this instance, it sure as heck is.”

Through the Crisp partnership, Taste of Home recipes can feature retailers in adhesion ad units, based on geo-targeting, that are selling specific ingredients needed for a recipe.

“Multiple recipes appear in a gallery view and a user can cycle through and pick one,” explains Crisp CRO Tom Jones. “An ad unit can feature a map of the closest Kroger market and the ad has functionality that allows the user to save the recipe or add it to their phone as a branded PDF icon that launches the recipe as a shopping list when they’re in the store.”

The partnership splits revenues 50/50, says Sutton, with the Reader’s Digest team selling to the brands and the Crisp team selling the retailers.

Ad inventory is also split down the middle, adds Jones. “Half of the inventory will run endemically on the Taste of Home mobile site. The other half will run on our private market on our side of the house.”

Crisp can measure the number of ad impressions, how many people engaged with the ad, how many recipes cycled through and how many people saved recipes to their phones.

“The opportunity and the challenge is to sell more products in the baskets,” says Sutton. “Recipes tend to be a good device to take more products in a shopping experience.”


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