A six-part series by Crisp to help brands plan and execute effective mobile campaigns.

Part 1
Lead with Creative

The first installment covers the lesser discussed topic of creative, when it comes to mobile shopper and retail programs. This piece discusses the importance of creative, offer suggestions for how marketers should think about and approach the subject, and provides best practices and details on successful formats, features and functionality that should be considered for specific objectives.

Part 2
Power of Personalization

According a recent Crisp survey, shopper marketers ranked ad personalization as a leading factor in driving successful mobile campaigns. Personalization is a complex topic involving dynamic ad creative capabilities, data and audience targeting. Part two of our series looks at what makes personalization such a powerful tool in mobile programs, and how it can be successfully implemented.

Part 3
2017 Mobile Shopper Marketing Survey

Halfway into our 6-part series, we break down results from our 2017 Mobile Advertising & Marketing Survey, picking the minds of shopper marketers at CPGs and their partnering agencies. Our paper covers key questions including the most effective mobile ad types, platforms and rich media features, touches on future concerns like brand safety (a topic we’ll dive into further in part 4), and includes live quotes from survey respondents. For the full results, down the complete survey results below.

Part 4
Mobile Brand Safety Requires a Balanced Approach

Brand safety and ad fraud are hot topics in marketing, largely because most mobile shopper campaigns involve programmatic ad buys. Marketers running large mobile programs at scale can be vulnerable to brand safety problems, especially if their campaigns are not properly managed. The key: Adopt a balanced approach to brand safety that includes strategic planning, campaign optimization and human oversight of technical solutions. This paper provided insights into how to accomplish that, along with a brand safety checklist.

Part 5
Need-to-Knows for Mobile Campaigns

“Just take our desktop strategy and deliver it on mobile.” It’s a common request from brands who want to maximize their marketing campaigns by making them mobile-friendly. But what works for desktop doesn’t necessarily transfer well to mobile. Part 5 in our series delves into the details about how to create a mobile-specific strategy that addresses all the intricacies of a mobile shopper campaign and gives you key tips on how to execute the most effective campaigns possible.

In 2017 Crisp, working with the research division of EnsembleIQ, conducted its third annual mobile shopper marketing and advertising tracking study. The key objective was to understand how shopper marketers are using mobile advertising to achieve their objectives, and to track annual changes in the use of mobile platforms, approaches and service providers. The results are provider here for you to download in PDF format.

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