A Must Read- Marketing: CPG Article, “For CPGs, Recenter Mobile In Your Marketing Mix”

Time and again, industry experts assert that mobile is a critical component of the marketing mix. Yet for all of the years it’s been “the year of mobile,” only 3% of brands’ marketing mix was spent on mobile advertising last year. Yes, marketers are increasing their mobile ad spend, but there is still a lot of ground to gain to catch up to consumer adoption.

Investment in mobile as the driving force behind an audience-based approach can fuel real impact for brands today and set them up for success in the world of “connected everything” that’s soon to come. Not too long ago, when most internet use took place on a personal computer, search fast became the foundation upon which web-based activities took place. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the center of the next evolution of the web is, and will be, the mobile phone….

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Article written by Jennifer Lum, Columnist, Marketing:CPG