Crisp MoCA

All of Crisp’s mobile solutions are executed on MoCA – a proprietary end-to-end platform that seamlessly links data, analytics, and personalized creative messaging to engage shoppers at the right micro-moment along their path-to-purchase; measure the results, and optimize for continual improvement.

Mobile Creative

MoCA lets you reach shoppers through highly viewable, eye-catching, shopper-enabled ad formats. Crisp’s mobile-first creative studio helps our designers produce user experiences that seamlessly integrate content from partner sources to provide actionable shopper utility, customized to the shopper, the retailer, and the context.

Audience Data

The MoCA Audience DMP operates with comprehensive access to mobile shopper targeting data, uniting Crisp’s own ad engagement-based behavioral data, with data from all key critical geo-location, geo-behavioral and demographic audience segmentation providers. The DMP readily ingests additional data feeds from environmental (e.g. weather), client, retailer or other third-party sources.

Media Execution

The MoCA trading desk integrates with public media supply sources to locate the best inventory to meet your campaign objectives. Additionally, Crisp’s Private Supply provides the ability to run compelling, highly viewable, non-standard ad units not available through programmatic channels.

Insights & Analytics

With MoCA analytics, you get the whole story of what worked and what didn’t—from ad engagement to shopper activation, and campaign optimization.

MoCA integrates leading sales lift and store visitation partners to quantify impact against the KPI’s that matter most for your business.

Insights & analytics allow for live campaign optimization via our platform dashboard.

Ad engagement metrics flow directly from the MoCA server, providing a rich story of how consumers viewed and interacted with your ad.